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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Transformative Immersion

Roberto Daniele, co-founder of The Tourism ChangeMaker’s Forum probably underestimates the impact of his dreaming. In April 2013, he casually mentioned his idea for a “Walking Workshop” to re-design the staid, boring and ineffective method currently used to exchange ideas and…

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TEFI Delegates affirm need

Just under 100 senior academics and graduate students met at the University of Guelph in early June to discuss papers submitted under the theme: ‘Transformative Learning: Activism, Empowerment and Political agency’  It was a rich and exciting event as those who…

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Destinations Benefit from Social Enterprise

Healthy, resilient and flourishing destinations can be created provided that the focus is on sustainable net benefit for the entire community. When an entire community is engaged in shaping the way it receives, welcomes and serve guests, it also creates an…

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Special Leadership Skills Required

The report published in March 2014 titled, Leadership in Social Enterprise – How To Manage Yourself and Your Team suggests suggests that the task of leading a social enterprise can be more demanding than leading one focused exclusively on profit maximisation…

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